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How do I View and Download My Slideshows in 4K?
How do I View and Download My Slideshows in 4K?
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Experience your Slideshows in crystal clear quality! As an optional add-on, you can give your clients the opportunity to both view and download their slideshows in full 4K quality.

4K - How does it work?

Full HD slideshows use the gallery’s web-size photos. For 4K Slideshows (3840px width), the hi-res images are being pulled and resized to match 4K viewing.

The process to make the slideshow 4K takes place after you select the 4K option and click the Done button in the slideshow editor. It can take a few minutes. The slideshow will be available in Full HD until this process is completed.

4K images are quite large in resolution. In order to maximize the viewing experience and avoid loading delays, we are using a new file format to stream these slideshow images, WEBP, rather than using JPG. This file format is supported in all modern browsers, however, Safari supports it only from version 14. If you are using an older version of Safari, a notification will be shown in the Slideshow player with a message asking you to update the browser.

4K Add-on Subscription

The downloaded slideshow file by default is fixed to Full HD 1920x1080px (relative to the format of your slideshow). You can purchase a Slideshow Subscription Add-On for 4K viewing and downloading instead.

1. To add the 4K option, go to Settings from your Main Dashboard.


2. In the Plans & Billing tab under the Add-ons section, click to Add your 4K Slideshow add-on.


3. Fill in your payment info if necessary. Now your slideshows will be available in 4K.

Enable 4K in Slideshows

1. In the Photos tab of the gallery, click the Create Slideshow icon to make a new slideshow.


2. Along with naming your slideshow and choosing the slideshow format, you can select the 4K quality of the slideshow.


3. Learn more about creating slideshows here. For existing slideshows, from the Photos tab of the gallery click the pencil icon to edit the slideshow.


4. In the slideshow editor, click the HD/4K option in the top left corner, and select 4K.

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